Kracie Fishing Candy Review

We have another Japanese candy review! This is another crazy candy kit from Kracie, which is the maker of Popin’ Cookin’! The Japanese name of this fishing candy set is Asobo Sakana Tsuri.

Front of Package

Front of Package

Back of Package

Back of Package

Below, you can see the contents of the package.

fish candy3

Unlike other Kracie kits, this doesn’t involve actually making the candy. The candy is pre-made and comes in the purple package. What makes this kit unique is that it is a fun game that you can play with other people! The first step to play this game is to put the candy pieces in the clear blue “kiddy pool” above.

fish candy4

You then pop out the colorful paper board hooks, which you then use to “fish” for your candy. The candy is a gummy marshmallow and is shaped to resemble sea life.  There are crabs, squid, seashells and fish.

fish candy5

The candy is artificially grape flavored and unfortunately does not taste very good. The candy seems to suffer from an identity crisis as it seems to hover in that twilight area between gummies, taffy, bubble gum and marshmallows.  Since the candy doesn’t quite cross over into any clear category, the resulting texture is confusing. It is both hard, foamy and chewy. Not delicious, however, taste, as with most Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ kits, seems to play a secondary role to its interactive quality.  In other words, buy this kit to play the game! The fun factor more than makes up for any lack flavor!  Here is the link to the candy:

Asobo Sakana Tsuri
Asobo Sakana Tsuri
Asobo Sakana Tsuri

I get many questions about where to get other Popin’ Cookin’ kits, so here are more links below in case you are interested.

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If you would like to watch the video of Shane and I taste-testing and battling it out over the fish candy, you can watch the video below!


2 Comments on “Kracie Fishing Candy Review

  1. That was a riot, way to win Tara – competently! Wondering if those Japanese instructions suggest adding water to the dish before fishing, it might even soften the candy and enliven the flavor. But then again, maybe it’ll cause the treats to dissolve away…which might be all right too!

    • This kit was a lot of fun to play with! That’s a good point about adding the water, since I don’t really know how this is supposed to be played. Yes, if the candies dissolved away that wouldn’t be such a bad thing either! 🙂

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