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My last name “Magboo” means “maker” or “creator”. The name has proven to be very fitting for me, given my lifelong artistic inclinations. My father was a civil engineer and was continuously drafting, designing, and building structures. His work may have unconsciously influenced me growing up. Since I was a child, I always felt this desire to create and I never doubted that the creative path was the direction meant for me.

Wanting to study my art on a more intense level, I went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in Illustration. By accident, I discovered my love of jewelry fabrication at RISD. I instantly fell in love with the intimate scale of jewelry. I cannot deny that I love all things miniature and making multitudes of tiny parts, therefore jewelry-making fits the bill!

After school, I continued to work in the jewelry industry both as a designer and head jeweler for fashion jewelry companies. I later continued to pursue higher education at San Diego State University for a Master of Fine Arts degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. The interdisciplinary approach of my formal education broadened my technical abilities in a variety of materials beyond metal, such as plastic, wood, resin, and alabaster. In addition, my practical experience working in the fashion jewelry industry, as well as exhibiting my own work professionally, has brought my abilities full circle, enabling me to become a more well-rounded artist and instructor.

I have been teaching beginning through advanced jewelry making courses for seven years and I am currently an instructor at Whaley Studios in San Diego. In addition, I run my own jewelry business, Magboo Jewelry Company, and sell my work at various retail shows such as Designer Con and San Diego Comic-Con International. I also currently work as a hardware designer for Virgil James, a luxury travel bag company.

What do I do in my spare time? Though I manage to stay very busy with my various work endeavors, there are certain things I must make time for. I have an enormous sweet tooth and enjoy eating pastries, cookies, and chocolate. Maybe that’s why I was nicknamed “Cookie” in graduate school? I occasionally dabble in video-editing which can be a satisfying albeit time-consuming hobby. I love plants and enjoy taking care of them. In fact, I may have a slight addiction because I can’t stop collecting them. Maybe I need to attend a twelve step program? Hmmm… Lastly, and certainly not least, I have an affinity for unusual rodents, specifically naked mole rats and chinchillas. They never fail to fascinate me and inspire a variety of artworks. One day I will own two chinchillas and call them “Taco” and “Potato”. A girl can dream, right?

Naked Mole Rats at the San Diego Zoo

Naked Mole Rats at the San Diego Zoo

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