‘Lette Macaron Review

I know this review is super belated since these macarons were given to me on my birthday in February! This is definitely worth reviewing about! My sister gave me four dozen French macarons! She knows that French macarons are one of my favorite desserts!

This is the packaging for the macarons.

This is the packaging for the macarons.

When I opened the box, I was blown away at how beautiful the macarons looked! They came in every color of the rainbow!

The macarons are housed in a protective plastic container.

The macarons are housed in a protective plastic container.

I am almost satisfied just taking pictures of these gorgeous desserts! Almost too beautiful to eat!


The wonderful thing about ‘Lette macarons is that they come in such a wide variety of flavors and very interesting flavors at that!


This is what I can recall from my memory: passion fruit, earl grey, raspberry, violet cassis, pistachio, and rose. The box came with a chart specifying the flavors, however, the guide didn’t indicate which colors corresponded to what flavors. I thought that was a little odd but there is something fun about trying to figure them out! I was able to figure out the majority of the flavors and I think the company did a good job flavoring each macaron well. The almond meringue cookie portion was light and chewy. Another nice detail  is that they brush on color to one side of the macaron. These striations of brushed color is a signature aesthetic feature of ‘Lette macarons. The interior was an almond paste which was very smooth in texture. Upon doing a little research, this is actually a very traditional filling for French Macarons. This was definitely delicious! I have to say that I personally prefer other fillings that I have had paired with French macarons: chocolate ganache or buttercream. I love that extra creaminess! Don’t get me wrong! ‘Lette macarons are delicious in their own way and worth trying!  My favorites flavors were the Earl Grey and Rose. I hear the Salted Caramel is delicious but this flavor wasn’t featured in this box.

French Macarons

French Macarons

I hope you enjoyed the review! I filmed a video review of ‘Lette Macarons that you can check out!

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