One Sketch a Day: Week 2

I am so sorry that I am already a week behind!  I am still working up towards sketching once a day, but I’m glad that I have definitely been more productive with my drawing than I have been in the past.


As I mentioned in my last “One Sketch a Day” post, I want to try to use my sketchbook with more purpose. Above, I was sketching possibilities for my last demonstration in my “Marriage of Metals” class that I recently taught at Whaley Studios.  Below that, I was also considering updating my business card and postcard designs. I think this will be a big improvement to the current design I have now.


Above, I have another entry sketching out demonstrations for my upcoming “Creative Stone Setting” class at Whaley Studios.  The following two entries are research for an upcoming long term project.  Over the past six months, I have seen several documentaries on bees and was struck by the devastating bee colony collapse disorder that is sweeping across the globe because of current commercial agricultural practices. I look forward to working on this project and I will definitely reveal what I finish in the future! Next, I recently went to Taboo Studios for an art opening that featured some of the work of my past graduate professor, Helen Shirk.  If you live in the San Diego area, this gallery is definitely worth taking a look at! It’s certainly the nicest jewelry gallery in San Diego as it features work from small studio jewelers with more innovative designs.


Above, is the last grouping of entries.  Both are jewelry projects that I am working on.  One, obviously, is related to cats and below is a piece that I am revisiting from graduate school. I made a very bizarre necklace of naked mole rats because I found these creatures to be so fascinating despite their not-so-attractive exteriors. I think the revisions that I plan to make on the necklace will be a significant improvement.

I wanted to include images of the pens that I use to draw with that I mentioned earlier.

Sakura Micron Pigma pens

Sakura Micron Pigma pens

These are great for fine detail work in drawing!  I have been using these for years. You can find them on Amazon, if you are interested. Sakura 30062 6-Piece Pigma Micron Ink Pen Set, Black

My absolute favorite are the Copic Multiliners.

Copic Multiliners

Copic Multiliners

The pen nibs and ink are replaceable.  The body of the pen is also more durable because it is made of metal.  If you are interested in these you can check them out here.

Copic Markers SP Multiliner Set A with Replaceable Nib

And, of course, the sketch book: One Sketch a Day: A Visual Journal

I hope you enjoyed looking at my recent drawings! You can watch my video review below:

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