April’s Kitty Necklace

I recently made a silver kitty cat necklace for April of AprilJustinTV and AprilAthena7.  She has three little cats, Charlie, Bob and Sunrise, that she adopted from rescue centers and have become a part of her family. April and her husband, Justin, shower their kitties with all the love and affection they could possibly hope for! Below are the initial sketches of the cats that I made before I made the necklace.


Below are close ups of the three little cat pendants I made. I wanted to make cute, little cartoon versions of April’s kitties. I cast these parts in ancient bronze.

kitty necklace1a

Charlie is the gray cat with the tuft of white fur under his chin.  Sunrise is the orange tabby cat with stripes.  Bob is the kitty that is half gray and half white.

kitty necklace2a

kitty necklace3a

Below are is an image of the whole necklace.  I fabricated the clasp and charm out of sterling silver.

kitty necklace4a

Here is April’s video featuring the kitty necklace I made! She shows the necklace in about 30 seconds into the video. You can even see April wearing the necklace when she and her husband go to a restaurant.

April and Justin are such happy, cheerful people! I enjoy watching their channel because they exude such positivity! I hope you enjoyed looking at the kitty trio necklace I made! I have much more jewelry and candy posts coming in the near future!

One Sketch a Day: Week 3

I fell under the sickness that was going around last week, but I’m feeling much better today! Thankfully, we are back on track and have sketches to show! Here is week 3 of my Sketch a Day journey.


week3 a

Above, I have various sketches of pieces I’m considering making for Comic-Con International. Before I know it, Comic-Con will be around the corner and I have much to prepare! This is definitely the biggest show of the year that I prepare for. Despite the craziness, it is a lot of fun to do! 🙂

week3 b

On March 12, I went to my friend, Veronica’s, birthday and housewarming party.  Hanging on her wall, she had framed surreal painting of a large cat and a small girl that I loved. I was just barely able to sketch a general outline of the figures and then when I got home I filled in all the details from I could remember.  I’m sure I made a few creative embellishments here and there. 😉  On March 15, I made some sketches of cherry blossoms that I am going to fabricate for an upcoming project.  I drew details of the flower to give me a better idea of how I will make this metal. On March 16, I am still sketching out more ideas for my Creative Stone Setting class that I am teaching right now.  I have clearly finalized how I will approach future demonstrations for the class. On March 17, is a drawing of another fun piece that I might make for Comic-Con: a cute mini marshmallow character!

week4 c

On March 18th, I was sketching a husky for a felt sculpture. Fortunately, I finished making the little husky and recently delivered it this past weekend. Here is a little peak at what the finished project looked like!

husky felt

My last entry for the week was on March 19.  I was watching Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video and fell in love with the sphinx cat head masks that her back up dancers were wearing.  These sketches were inspired by the masks and I drew the heads from multiple angles. I’ve always found sphinx cats to be very fascinating to look at, therefore these drawings might evolve someday into a finished jewelry piece.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my most recent sketches!

Here, again, are links to the sketch book that I use and my favorite drawing pens:

One Sketch a Day: A Visual Journal

Sakura 30062 6-Piece Pigma Micron Ink Pen Set, Black

Copic Markers SP Multiliner Set A with Replaceable Nib

If you would like the watch the accompanying video I made of my sketch a day journey you can watch it below!