Takoyaki Candy Review

The next review in my Japanese candy adventure is Takoyaki candy by Meiji. This is a candy version of the popular Japanese street food. Takoyaki is a ball-shaped dumpling made with octopus, green onions, and ginger. A Takoyaki sauce, similar to worcestershire, and mayonnaise is drizzled over the top and finally sprinkled with bonito flakes.


ImageAbove is the front and back of the candy package.  This DIY candy kit came with four packets, the cutest little white spoon and a brown plastic tray as pictured below.

ImageWhen mixed together, the final result was a glossy, miniaturized version of takoyaki. In the center of the candy ball, I inserted tiny little octopus-shaped gummies inside!

ImageI have to admit, this did scare me a little to taste this. Past experience has proven that these little DIY Japanese candy kits are barely passable as edible. When I took a bite out of this, I was pleasantly surprised! This tasted like a soft peach flavored Jello! The interior gummy was firm and grape flavored which contrasted nicely with the soft gelatin exterior. The caramel sauce on the outside had a nice, slightly smokey flavor. The sprinkles were probably my least favorite part, but not terrible. The sprinkles were more airy and chalky in texture than what you typically experience from candy sprinkles. All in all, I definitely give this two thumbs up! A Japanese candy kit that is both fun to make AND fun to eat?! That definitely deserves high marks!


If you are interested in purchasing this candy, I received this kit from Oyatsu Cafe.  www.oyatsucafe.com  This was something that I picked out from their website to give my honest review. You can also check out my video review on Youtube below!

I hope you enjoyed my Japanese candy review and I will be back with much more! 🙂